Federal Law No. (6) of 2018 concerning the Arbitration

We, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates,

Having perused:

Hereby enact the following Law:



For the purposes of this Law, the following terms and expressions shall bear the meanings assigned to them respectively, unless the context requires otherwise:

The State (UAE) : The United Arab Emirates.

Arbitration : A method regulated by the law through which a dispute between two or more parties is adjudicated under a binding award rendered by the Arbitral Tribunal as agreed by the parties.

The Arbitration Agreement : The agreement of the parties to submit to Arbitration, whether such Agreement is made before or after the dispute.

The Arbitral Tribunal : The tribunal composed of a sole arbitrator or a number of arbitrators for the purpose of adjudicating the dispute under arbitration.

The Court : The federal or local court of appeal which is agreed by the parties or within the jurisdiction of which arbitration falls.

The Arbitral Entity : An entity or a center established for the purpose of conducting arbitral proceedings.

The Delegated Person : Any natural or legal person to whom the parties agreed to grant any of the powers prescribed in accordance with this Law.

The Body Concerned : The body delegated for arbitration or the Court.

The Parties : The claimant and the respondent whatever their number.

The Claimant : The party which requests to initiate the arbitral proceedings.

The Respondent : The party against which the claimant initiates arbitral proceedings.