Federal Decree-Law No. 14/2018 On the Central Bank and the Organisation of Financial Institutions and Activities


Federal Law No. 10/1980 dated 02/08/1980

Federal Law No. 6/1985 dated 15/12/1985

Amended by:

Federal Decree-Law No. 1/2020 dated 09/07/2020

Federal Decree-Law No. 25/2020 dated 27/09/2020

Federal Law No. 2/2021 dated 08/03/2021

Federal Decree-Law No. 9/2021 dated 26/07/2021

Federal Decree-Law No. 23/2022 dated 26/09/2022

We, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates,

Having perused the constitution;

Federal Law No. 1/1972, Regarding Jurisdictions of Ministries and Powers of Ministers, and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 5/1975, Regarding the Commercial Register;

Federal Law No. 10/1980, Regarding the Central Bank, the Monetary System & Organization of Banking, and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 5/1985, Promulgating the UAE Civil Transactions Law and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 6/1985, Regarding Islamic Banks, Financial Institutions and Investment Companies;

Federal Law No. 3/1987, Promulgating the UAE Penal Code and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 10/1992, Promulgating the Evidence Law in Civil & Commercial Transactions and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 11/1992, Promulgating the Civil Procedures Law and amendments thereto; Federal Law No. 18/1993, Promulgating the Commercial Transactions Law and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 4/2000, Regarding the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority & Market and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 4/2002, Regarding Criminalization of Money Laundering and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 8/2004, Regarding Financial Free Zones;

Federal Law No. 17/2004, Regarding combating of Commercial Cover-up; Federal Law No. 1/2006, Regarding Electronic Transactions & Commerce;

Federal Decree-Law No. 4/2007, Regarding Establishment of The Emirates Investment Authority, and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 6/2007, Regarding Establishment of The Insurance Authority & Organization of its Business, and amendments thereto;

Federal Law No. 6/2010, Regarding Credit Information;

Federal Law No. 1/2011, Regarding the State Public Revenues;

Federal Decree-Law No. 5/2011, Regarding Organization of Boards of Directors, General Secretariats & Committees in the Federal Government;

Federal Law No. 8/2011, Regarding Re-organization of the State Audit Bureau;

Federal Decree-Law No. 8/2011, Regarding Rules for Preparation of the State Budget & Final Account;

Federal Law No. 4/2012, Regarding Organization of Competition; Decretal Federal Law No. 5/2012, Regarding Combating of IT Offences; Federal Decree-Law No. 7/2014, Regarding Combating of Terrorist Offences;

Federal Law No. 12/2014, Regarding Reorganization of Accounts Auditors Profession;

Federal Law No. 2/2015, Regarding Commercial Companies; Decretal Federal Law No. 9/2016, Regarding Bankruptcy;

Federal Law No. 20/2016, Regarding Pledge of Movable Properties in Guarantee of Debt. Federal Law No. 7/2017, Regarding Tax Procedures;

Federal Decree-Law No. 9/2018, Regarding Public Debt;

Federal Decree-Law No. 10/ 2018, Regarding Netting;